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I am creating a brand new course that has an assessment at the end of each section however this isn't working due to the slide not moving to the next layer. I have added all the triggers needed and made sure everything is correct however after doing the assessment in section 1 the assessment in section 2 seems to freeze and not move to the pass or failed layer as it did for section 1.

Please can someone help me urgently with this I have attached the file for you ton have a look into why the package isn't working as it should do.




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Ned Whiteley

Hi Connor,

I haven't had an in depth look at this yet, but one thing does stand out straight away and may possibly be the cause of your problems, so I won't go any further until you have tried this out.

I noticed that, at the end of each assessment, you reset userScore to zero (presumably because you are using the same variable to score each assessment). You are also using the same button click to jump to the next section.

Unfortunately, as you jump first, the variable never resets and so, when you commence the assessment in Section 2, userScore is already showing the score from Section 1. Whether this is causing your problem as you are potentially scoring more than 100% at the end of Section 2, I'm not sure, but it is worth sorting out first. All you have to do is to move the reset trigger above the jump trigger (make sure you do this for all of your assessment passed and failed feedback layers).

Connor Cure

Hi Ned :)

Thank you with your response.

I have changed the triggers as you have suggested and it hasn't made any difference so if you could have a deeper look into this or if anyone has any ideas why this is happening please let me know. 

I have attached the new updated Storyline package.


Allison LaMotte

Hi Connor,

I had a look at your file, but I must admit there's a lot going on there and I'm having a hard time troubleshooting it. 

I did notice that you're using custom variables to show the passed and failed feedback layers. I would start by making sure those variables are working properly. To do that, I would display the variables on the results slide and go through the quiz. The second section of this article explains how to do that. 

I hope that helps!

Phil Mayor

Seems to work fine for me, I would say you are sending a fail via javascript to the LMS that is normally terminal for the LMS in that at that point the course is finished and it will not accept anything else. Not sure fixing that will fix it as it probably only has an affect when you relaunch (if your LMS will relaunch after a fail).

I added in the menu and skipped to the quiz on S1 and S2 and found layers showed on both, it was a bit painful to sit through it all.  A lot of your quiz question states are jumping around.

Connor Cure

Hi Phil :)

I will have a look into the javascript and see if i can get rid of the fail trigger. 

What do you mean painful to sit through?

Yeah for some reason the assessments freeze and therefore won't jump into the passed or failed feedback depending on the result is there anything you recommend?



Phil Mayor

To test I needed to go through the whole two sections until I enabled the menu. It was painful because the content was locked down and I had to sit through it all.

It worked fine both Elton 1 and section 2 showed the correct layers. for me although I didn't try trying the course inside an LMS.

I got a lot of javascript error in the console (84+) but I wonder if these are from the courses itself rather than the javascript in the course as I would anticipate that stopping the code executing.