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Dec 11, 2013

Hi everyone,

I swear I will provide fabulous tips and samples of my own some day to give back, after all I have taken!  

I'm using Audacity to have an SME record narration.  She wound up recording a ton of slides yesterday, saved them and shared them via Dropbox, each slide separately.  When I go to open them in Audacity on my own computer, each slide is now broken up into multiple files!  I'm having to go in and figure out which piece goes where and copy/paste the track back together.  Is there some sort of setting that needs to be changed that is resulting in this?  I'm wondering if there is any way to recover the ones she's already done, since this will add a significant amount of time to the editing process.  I don't know if it's a Dropbox issue or an Audacity one.  She said when she saved, it was one file.  It's not a result of pausing because some of the files are cut right in the middle of words and sentences.

I didn't see anything on the Audacity site about this issue.  

Thank you!

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Joe I

It may be how the SME exported from Audacity.  If they selected "Export Multiple" from the file then it would result in multiple audio segments.  The reason for the audio cut in the middle of words might have to do with a label in Audacity.  If the SME used labels then I believe it cuts the audio at the label.  Hopefully that is the problem.  Good luck

Hope Campbell


It sounds to me like you received the individual data files, which would be many, many small files in a folder, rather than the individual project Audacity file. Without knowing the specific details, I'd suggest asking the SME to send the individual project Audacity file, that goes along with the folder. From my experience, I can hear the individual files without opening the project file. But, if you move or toss the folder containing the individual files, then you can't open and hear the one large complete project file.


Laura M

Hi everyone,

I have never used Audacity before, so I really have no idea!  I knew I would be opening them back up in Audacity on my own computer, so that I could edit them and planned to convert to WAV at that point before moving into Articulate.  The extension on these is .au, which maybe I mistakenly thought was what we wanted.  I know she played around with audio settings yesterday because her original few slides had tons of background noise.  The new files sound a million times better, which is great, but I honestly don't know what she did to her settings - and since I'm not with her, I can't look at her copy of Audacity to check.  

At this point, I think she has recorded almost everything, so it wouldn't make sense to have to re-record simply for this purpose, but would anyone know if there is something that can be done?  What would I need to ask her to do?  In Dropbox, I see folders for each slide, with the slide number as the title, which is how she saved them.  When I download them to my computer and extract the files, it's basically folder, within a folder, with x number of mini audio files in them, with random letter/number titles that have no particular order to them.  

I really appreciate all of you taking the time to reply.

Laura M

Hi Joe,

She is just saving each as an .aup file, as far I know.  We are actually currently in the process of updating audio after our pilot phase on this project. This is what the Dropbox folder looks like when she shares with me -  the ones at the bottom are the complete audio file in one.  So, you see all of the folders together first and then the corresponding audio files on with the same name below - the Audacity Project File. When I click those, they open right in Audacity and I can edit and export to .wav files. Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions I might be able to answer.  She is traveling right now, but I can email her to ask for more detail on what she's doing.

Jerry Reed

The AU files are raw Audacity files contained in the sub directory created when you start your project.  The AUP is the master file of your project. To get wav files of seperate sections of your master file you will need to highlight each segment one at a time and  "export selection."  When you export files in Audacity you have the choice of many different file formats and bit rates (wav, mp3, aac, flac, and many more).  If you are on a Windows set up you'll need to add a separate plugin to get the mp3 capability. It doesn't come with the free version of Audacity. MP3 technology is licensed by Fraunhofer-Gesellscaft.

Stine E

Hi, I recorded an interview on my old pc and am now trying to get it working on my mac. Problem is all I have is .au files all broken down and in no apparent order. There is about an hours worth of recording, so getting it all into order is going to take ages and I think I will have to open the single files one at a time to hear it. Is there a genius in here who knows how to fix it? I do not have the original recording only the broken down pieces 

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