Audio Editing Software Recommendations

Hello community!  I'm looking to get some ideas for paid audio editing software aside from Adobe Audition and Sony SoundForge.  Due to our IT policies, we can't use freeware (which is too bad because I love Audacity!), so we're trying to find a paid option.  

We need to be able to do pitch shifting to disguise voices, noise removal to clean up our audio, and then the rest of the basics like fades, volume adjustments, and multi-track mixing.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Jenna!  So we ended up using two options.  One was to edit and export the mp3 through Camtasia. It works pretty well for most things.  I ended up downloading the executable version of Audacity that doesn't actually have to install on my computer, but will run.  I didn't have to go to IT to make this work.