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Kristin Hatcher

Hi Rebecca,

I use Audition regularly, and I have struggled with this as well. I find it's easiest if I just don't change my desk setup between starting recording and finishing, no matter how long it takes. I made some mobile sound deadening panels, and I have a swing arm boom mic, If I don't place those things in the same place, my recordings can differ pretty wildly. 

Additionally it helps to master all audio files in the same way, especially normalizing to the same levels. 

As a final step, I listen to the target audio (and watch the level meters) and adjust the gain directly on the new audio.

I'm not sure if this helps much. I've written up the "instructions" I use when mastering audio so I can be sure to do it the same way each time. I'm happy to share those steps with you, as it took me some time to settle on the process that works the best.