Audio/Music Playlist

Other than inserting a web object from an audio/music playlist, is there a way to add multiple audio files onto one slide?

Scenario: New hire orientation module where the learner accesses a slide/screen and views several thumbnail images of various members of the company's leadership team. Each image has a 'play' button to listen to a welcome message.

I think David Anderson did something like this not long ago, but I can't find it.

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Steve Flowers

You can embed multiple SWFs on a single slide. I'd imagine you could do this one of two ways:

  1. Embed your audio into the SWF player.
  2. Embed a player object into the slide and configure flashvars to load a specific audio file.

#2 assumes that the ppt configured flashvars will survive the journey into the published output. This also assumes that you're dropping the audio files into your publish folders.

I really wish we could include attachments that weren't displayed in the attachments menu (Check this box to exclude from display). This would make packaging "weird stuff" including XML files for custom assemblies much more convenient.

Personally, If you are only talking about a few (3 to 6) files I'd go with option 1. If it's a heap of files, option 2 would make it worth the configuration effort.

Kevin Thorn

Great minds think alike!

Yes, Jeanette and David, those are the Screenrs I was thinking about. By the way, is there a feature request for Screenr...sure would be nice to search those.

I've seen Brian's widget but 1) No budget, 2) basic design that doesn't involve any coding or post-publish file moving.

Steve - Yes, I've got an audio player in Flash in two ways. One like you describe and the other where all the audio is embedded in the SWF. Again, for future editing, this project will be passed to less skilled folks.

I'm a huge advocate for building courses with out-of-the-box tools from Articulate and PowerPoint. The large majority of IDers today don't have the Flash skills let alone the time learn. I like to push design over toolbox.

The two Screenrs give me some ideas, but still would love to be able to put multiple audio tracks on one slide. In this case I have 5 sections. Each section has a "listen to the leaders" screen. On that screen can be anywhere from 3 - 8 audio tracks. At the minimum there would be 15 additional slides and a max of 40. That gets kind of heavy if/when more sections or more audio tracks needed to be added.

Thanks all. Good stuff. This have given me some more ideas.

Steve Flowers

Ah, slide magic. Of course This is a better / faster solution for this scale / scope than what I was thinking.

As an object and function oriented multimedia guy this type of thing tends to grind my sensibilities (as my wife would say "poops in my soul") a bit. But it's really the right way to go for one offs or situations where you don't have ready components to get the job done quickly and avoid potential change exponents - this is the obvious answer:)

James Brown

Ok.. I love all the above complicated methods. Let's take a simple approach. Why not use Audacity with multiple audio lines? I have used this technique on more than one occasion to add background music behind my speech and to create conversations for Flash animation projects. Very easy and effective.