Audio quality vs. voice quality: which is more important?

Jan 05, 2011

Hello everyone - 

I had a question about audio in e-learning. We use a lot of voiceover narration. Up until about a month ago, we used professional narrators to record our courses. Now, we're using a few people on our floor who have good voices. We don't have a studio in our office so not only do the current narrators sound less professional, our internal audio sounds mediocre.

If I can make the case for budget dollars, do you think we'd be better off finding a cheaper narrator with his/her own studio? Or does it make sense for us to buy better equipment and bring the studio into our office? And what are the costs and equipment you'd recommend for bringing in-house?


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James Brown

Steve you hit the nail on the head.. time.... when you are trying to develop materials, it takes a lot of time and effort just to do the analysis and design. Slap on some audio editing time and your project quickly becomes a monster. That why if you can take a while to do so why not hire a pro if you can. I find when I'm designing new videos or flash animation projects audio is where I spend a lot of time searching, editing and creating. The reason I spend so much time on audio is because I understand that good audio greatly enhances the learning enviornment and it enhances the transfer of knowledge to the learner. I've been working on a couple projects lately and I bought a snowball for $69 and it should be a good step up for my YouTube vids.  Anyway I don't have the cash to purchase better quality materials right now but later when money is permitting, I may upgrade to something better.

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