Audio Recording - Best Microphone if at office desk (with background noises)

I have read many reviews and suggestions on audio recording however, I only have the option of recording at my desk in an office where there are others at work and random background noises (chit-chat, printers, typing, etc...).  Which microphone would be best for an environment with background noises?

I am looking at the Blue Snowball or the AT 2020 - but before puchasing I wanted to see if there is a better one or different one that may help reduce picking up the background noise.




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Sara Strickler

I'm also looking for suggestions for 'making it work' at the office. I'm using a Yeti, but the conference rooms I've been recording are really hollow and tinny sounding. I found this thread where Michael mentioned making a box that can help with the sound - I think I'll try this!

"I've found that a cheap banker's box, with a thick towel cut and glued to all sides of the inside works great;  No echoes, transient noise isn't recorded and, if you have a good mic, you can produce great results.  Still like to sweeten and clean using Sound Forge.

The only downside is that people who walk by your door see you talking to the inside of a box and think you're crazy!"

I'd love to hire voice talent, and get high quality audio, but right now that's not an option - any suggestions for optimizing office recording would be great!

Trina Rimmer

Hi Dana. I also love the Blue Yeti Mic with a pop filter, headphones, and I invested in a portable desktop sound booth from Amazon. The sound booth is a bit clunky, but it really does an amazing job of buffering background noise. I've also used YouTube to teach myself how to edit my audio in Audacity to filter out background hums, as well as clicks, sighs, and breaths - but I don't do this for every project since that level of audio editing takes a bit more time.