Audio Transcription Software Recommendations?

Hello, community!

I am working on a project where my SME is dictating the raw content for the narration script. I then need to transcribe it and place it into a storyboard.

I was going to take the old-fashioned approach and just listen to the MP3 file, stop it every few words, and type away. Ack!!!

There has to be reputable, affordable software out there that can transcribe audio into text that I can then edit as needed...I figure if anyone knows of it, you brilliant folks do!!

Thanks for your recommendations.


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Bianca Woods

Hi Shari,

Ack indeed! I can see why you're checking out other options beyond transcribing all this content yourself. This community post has some transcription services you can check out in addition to the ones that have already been mentioned.

One note with automatic transcription services: they're mostly accurate these days, but you will still want to do a quick check of the final transcription file as it's not uncommon for there to be a few mistranscribed words here and there.

Shari Hanlon

I thought I'd check back in with the community...turns out, you can dictate into MS Word...what? Did everyone know this but me? 

Since my SME hadn't yet recorded her audio, I asked her to do it in Word and just send me the doc. Mischief managed!

Thanks to you all for your insights...I love this community!

Robert Johnson

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