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Mar 23, 2011

Hi Guys,

My name is Kate and I'm located in Melbourne, Australia.

I would love to create a Australasian Articulate Network.

If you would like to join - feel free to send me an email and I will put everyone in touch.

My vision is to put together a space where we can share ideas and also perhaps meet occasionaly.

Anyone interested???


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Kate Black


In saying Australasia I mean Australia and surrounding areas.

I think there is a real opportunity to get a group of like-mided learning professionals together (in one way/shap or form) to share ideas and experiences.

I would even love to organise (if we could get enopugh people together) the Articulate crew to get come to Aus/NZ and perform some workshops!!!

Ruth McElhone

HI Guys,

i'm also based in Sydney and I run a short online course (Master eLearing Course) showing people how to design, develop and deliver effective elearning. We give our students trial versions of Articulate and show them how to build  'great' courses!

I would definitely be interested in joining an Australasia network of Articulate users. Most of my students who try Articulate have commented on buying it after the course, so the numbers of Articulate users is definitely growing!!

Our online learning company runs a series of elearning webinars from time to time for clients etc....we could maybe look at running some Articulate webinars and getting a few of us together??? 

Great idea Kate!

Rob Wright

Hi Kate - It sounds like a great idea to me. I was at an ElNet (E-learning Network of Australasia) meeting a couple of weeks back (I think you were there also Ruth). Tom Kuhlmann linked in as a Keycast speaker giving an overview of rapid e-learning trends, tools, etc. 

There were a few in the audience who seemed to be articulate-aware so maybe calling for interest via Elnet may uncover a few more users.

I'm based in Wollongong south of Sydney. This articulate online community is incredibly responsive and supportive but I'm sure that there are times when some contact with bodies in the same time-zone would be helpful


Sue Dark

blair parkin said:

Hi Kate

Does your Australasian network extend to your cousins in NZ??? I haven't come across many Articulate users on this side of the ditch but I would be really keen to share ideas and experiences.


Hi Blair,

We are Kineo Pacific based in Wellington, part of the Kineo group ( We do a lot of work with Articulate, so maybe give us a call or pop into our offices the next time you are in Wellington?   04 801 6688,

Cheers, Sue

Kate Black

Hi Guys,

I have had a fantastic response to the idea of the Australiasian Articulate Network - i'm going to be in touch this week, so stay tuned!!

Anyone else in the Australia/New Zealand area feel free to express your interest, i'm sure there are users in Asia or the Pacific that would like to join in!!

Thanks for supporting my idea!!!



Kate Black

Hi again,

I have (finally) set up a network for us all.

Go to Linked In and search for Australasian Articulate Network in the groups section.

Everyone who has already contacted me has been pre-approved to join the group (using the email address they contacted me from). 

Please feel free to tell other people to join, my aim is to have a space where we can all discuss, share and perhaps even meet (online and or in person).

If anyone has any queries please feel free to contact me at


Ruth McElhone


Just to let everyone know we are delivering the only Certified Articulate Training in Australia and New Zealand this year. We are the exclusive Articulate training partners for Australia and  we deliver the same program as our partners in the US.

Click  here for dates and training venues around Australia and New Zealand  in 2011!



Ruth McElhone

Thanks Andrew.

We are really excited about offering this training and working with the Articulate team.

Loving Storyline and will know more about training in this tool towards the end of the year.

I was at Devlearn in Las Vegas in November and there was such a buzz about it - it's going to be a exciting year !

Di van Santen

Hi Kate

I have just found this thread (better late than never). I'm from Perth WA and would love to be part of your Australasian Articulate Network. I have also sent you an email. Goodonya for getting this going. Articulate doesn’t seem to have caught on inAustralia (Perth) as much as some other places. Maybe I’ll find otherwise once I seewho is in the network!

John Loty


A bit late to be an early joiner ... Assuming you have got this Australasian Articulate Network up and running ...but please count me in.

I will also send you an email directly.

I am in Sydney and have been a lurker around the Articulate scene for years.

About to seriously start to do some work in/with Articulate so would really welcome contact and some AP people to chat/swap notes/learn from and all that type of thing.

Cheers, John

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