Australian Articulaters-- is there a local Users Group?

We're a small niched L&D group just outside of Sydney ( and looking to connect into an existing Aussie Articulate Users Group or maybe form one.  Any interest out there?

Needless to say, we are big fans of Articulate and it has helped us completely reorient our business strategy over the last few years, from a traditional training group to a blended and pureplay approach.

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Matthew Guyan

Hi Bud and Liz,

I'm glad I came across this thread. Just today I posted a discussion about starting a user group and to see if others would be interested in coming along. 

I'm working in Sydney and Newcastle and thought of starting a group in either or both places. 

Let me know if you're keen and I'll keep you posted. 



Liz Armstrong

Yes thanks for including me. I completed the Master ELearning in 2014 and I'm still improving my Storyline skills. It's a very large program and I think it would be a great idea to have a discussion forum of users who can share some thoughts and recommend a few ways of doing things. I have made a couple of quite cute lessons so far and I think I can contribute some good ideas and maybe a few useful references.

I'm in Sydney in the burbs, but I'm happy to do webinars, whatever is that's the best way to proceed.

Liz Armstrong