Auto hide menu

Jan 14, 2016

iam asking  my self  or any one can advice if there is any option to make the menu  auto hiding  ...

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Joanne Chen

Hi Krim, you can make a menu in slide master and follow the steps below, you will have a auto hiding menu.

  1. click on slide master to open it
  2. create a small menu icon in a corner in the base layer of the master slide
  3. add a new layer for the opened menu
  4. create the menu and use triggers to set the buttons' destinations
  5. use a trigger for the icon( show the menu layer when clicking on the icon)
krim med

Dear Joanne Chen

thanks for your prompt response and great example i will try it ...
a new project to try
but my question is about the main menu in story line and how i can make it auto hide when i clik a bouton or just when a mouse roll over it
thanks a lot
wainting to hear from you
i 've attached image to see more clear

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