Automatic post course follow ups (or learning boosters) upon course completion? Any ideas?

May 08, 2016

Hey guys,

We have almost fully adopted the idea of creating simple follow up quizzes (some folks call them "learning boosters") in order to take advantage of the testing effect and spaced repetition. Currently, we're doing the cheap and easy version of this by sending out Google Forms embedded in emails. This works really well, and I love that people can complete the quizzes and submit answers right in the email. We do it manually right now, using the Google Form "Send Form" tool and embedding the form in the message. Obviously, this becomes a bit of a burden, especially if we're talking about self-directed courses where users are completing them at different times.

My question is this--has anyone figured out a simple workflow that allows a learner who has just completed a course to sign up for email based learning boosters, then automate the sending out of said boosters? I know that there are some paid options out there (Art Kohn's aklearning or something like that), but I'm pretty sure there's a creative option that would combine a tool like Google Forms or Wufoo, maybe with something like MailChimp, then tie it all together based on some JavaScript trigger in storyline. We'll be playing and testing and trying to figure it out, but I thought I'd throw the scenario out there in case others had some similar and successful ideas already in practice.



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Bob S

Hi Kirby,

I know you said no LMS, but I'm with Tristan...  This "automatic enrollment" feature post completion is something we use our LMSs for all the time. It's handled elegantly and you can even customize the communications on most systems.  

Is there a reason you want to do learner and content management outside of a learner and content management system?

Karl Muller

The features and functions of each LMS differ greatly, so what works in one LMS may not be available at all in another.

That being said, the LMS that we use allows us to set up rules. for a course. When the conditions of the rules are met, the LMS will perform an automated action.

For example, we can set up a rule that if a student passes Course A, the student will automatically be enrolled in Course B. Or the students can be sent an assignment, or be required to write an exam, or be required to attend a classroom event, etc.

This is very useful as it requires no additional admin once the rule has been set up.

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