Automatic progression on condition.

I have a dilemma with auto progression. The course has to progress differently if it is taken by an individual or group. I need a slide to auto-progress to the next scene when the timeline ends and the user as selected either individual or group. 

I have set these triggers multiple times every way I can think of. Can someone please help?

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Joanne Chen

Hi Hycinth, 

You can use a T/F variable to tell how you will like your slides to progress.

  1. Add a variable called AutoProgess with initial value of False.
  2. Have a slide in the very beginning, and ask users to choose which role (individual/group) s/he is. 
  3. Adjust the variable to different value for different roles.
  4. Set a trigger in your master slide to jump to the next slide when timeline ends on the condition of AutoProgess equals to true.

With above settings, the slide will auto progress only when the variable equals to true.

Hycinth Vincent

I have variables setup. I need the timeline to complete and a selection to be made to make the slide progress. If the user does not make a selection before the timeline completes, the slide will not progress.

The slide will auto progress if the user has made the selection before the time line ends.



Joanne Chen

Hi Hycinth,

In your file, there is only a trigger demands auto progress (jump to scene 3) when the group BTN is visited. You need to add one more trigger when choosing individual BTN if you want it to auto progress to scene 2. I added the below trigger in your file. Please see if this works as what you expect.

Jump to scene 2 when timeline ends on condition of variable=true

Hycinth Vincent

Thx for the help, but the trigger you added does not solve the problem. The user must make a selection before the slide can auto progress. From what I have found in my research it is a flaw in the storyline design. I have figured out a work around.  Thx again for the try it is much appreciated.