Mar 20, 2011

Dear All,

I am looking to create an avatar (or trainer) of the online material. I'm not looking for moving image as I think that it can be borderline bad if the budget is low.

We are looking for images resources that we can purchase, still pictures (animated, photo or 3D animated) that we can use in the training to intro the session or guide the learner. Ideally the same character with several body / facial expressions.

If anyone could suggest websites that have worked for them this would be great!!!

Thank you.


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Steve Flowers

Hi Renee,

You might have good luck with Poser. You get unlimited facial expressions / situations and it's relatively easy to use.


This site carries character models / props that are compatible with poser:


This might work for you as well (sort of like poser except it's for scenes / characters and works in real time):


I've used both and they are helpful in some situations. If you want to easily make your own avatar (from a photograph or from their presets) try evolver. This software will let you build custom avatars, buy presets, and will output to common model formats.


Renee Tregonning

Great thank you Steve, you always know the answers!!!

Another question though... Is it possible to have a help avatar in articulate. E.g. something that pops up should a user time lapse and need a reminder. Kind of like the MS Word Paperclip??? I know this is a long shot but perhaps someone has an example.



Judy Nollet

Hi, Renee,

I like the selection at https://elearningart.com/ . They have photo and illustrated characters, and their annual license is quite reasonable.  

As for your other question: You could certainly program a course so the avatar appears at a given point in the timeline for a specific slide (or slides). But I don't know of any Storyline  function that would make something appear just because the user hasn't done anything for a specified time beyond when the timeline ends. (That may be doable with JavaScript, but I have no experience with that.)

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