Avatar maker tool - looking for suggestions

I am looking for some tool (as a non graphic designer) to create avatars of real people (head or head and body) that I can export as vector graphics - png and then insert into SL later. 

Do you have any suggestions? 

The dream would be one where I can create different expressions or posture for them, but I feel that may be too much to ask :) 

Basically looking to create something what we already have in SL as Avatars, just creating new ones after real people in our organization. 


Thank you :) 



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Nancy Woinoski

Just my 2 cents but I think Adobe Character Animator takes a bit of skill unless you are using characters that have already been rigged.

Crazy Talk is much easier to use - the downside is you can only animate the face talking. With Adobe Character Animator you can animate the entire body.