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Dave Goodman

Hi Dave - we have designed/developed avatars for specific industries. One thing to keep in mind is that people have different understanding of an avatar. Earlier we designed avatars that were more "cartoon-like" but have moved away from that into the realistic human characters. We found that certain clients think "cartoons" within learning is a lower form of learning and is not a serious presentation of learning. It is very client and course topic sensitive, so be mindful.

The human like avatars are usually designed using a base form (think wire frame) of an anatomy on which you place clothing, faces, hair, skin, hands, tools, etc. Once constructed, you then start the animation/movement of the avatars within an environment. Usually, the environment is built in Studio 3D Max, Maya products or you can buy full environments or have them built for you. Once you have your environment and avatar built, you begin the movements that you want the avatar to do. The hardest issue is using them within Articulate and getting your audience and browser issues addressed - browsers react differently when using avatars. If you have any specific questions, just respond or ping me offline. Regards.