Average size of published SCORM course

Hi! I'm working on building a business case to have my company purchase SCORM server space through our LMS. The hope is that using SCORM and having it hosted with the LMS will help with all the AICC issues we've had over the years.

As part of that justification, I need to know how large a published SCORM course is on average, or even a general range. Any input you can provide is GREATLY appreciated! I have zero experience with SCORM.

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Simon Perkins

Hi Aubrey

I've no idea what an official average may be, but I can say that the courses I've seen (across multiple LMS') vary from 1Mb to 500Mb.  The majority are probably 2Mb to 25Mb.  The higher end of the scale  tend to have lots of videos plus audio and visuals that don't seem to get compressed all that much.  Admittedly, many of these are written in proprietory tools so the ability to publish them into a more 'efficient' package is perhaps not a priority (as the focus is on delivering content the publisher wants).

These days it's easier to compress images and audio as well as stream video from the likes of YouTube (or Vimeo (PRO) as is my preference) ... so there is less of an excuse to produce huge packages.

Andy Learning Specialist

Mine are generally in the 5-20 MB range for 10-15 minute courses. Like Simon said, it's relative to what's in the course. I could make a simple, un-creative slideshow that's a minimal size or a super amazing course that takes up a lot of space. File compression is always a big factor, too.