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Daniel Brigham

Another idea: not sure if you are heading to DevLearn or Learning Solutions next year, but if you are, you could show your work during demofest and possibly win the "best of demo fest."

Articulate has a Storyline guru competition every so often as well. Not sure when the next one is planned, though. 

Steve Nixon

Thanks all for the replies! Hey Nancy, great to hear from you. I'll be looking forward to seeing it. I was in CP world for about 6 years and I've just been using SL for about a year now and loving it. I had used it about 6 years prior but was pleasantly surprised at how it had developed since then. It's really an amazing creative tool. A lot easier than our 'make it out of flash' days :-) You remember those?

Best, Steve

Bianca Woods

Hi Ushwin. It's great to hear you've got some useful templates you want to share!

The fastest way to share a template with the community here on E-Learning Heroes is to create a new discussion post and add it as an attachment. The post also gives you an opportunity to explain how the template works and even share tips for making similar projects.

Related to that, the discussion boards are one of the ways our team curates new templates for the Downloads page as well. So a post can also get your template on our radar.