Awesome Free Mind Mapping Software

Jan 20, 2012

Hey all,

I just thought I'd let you know about this free mind mapping software I found. I previously tried the MIndjet and Freemind softwares and found them not that easy to use and the designs that I could create were a bit blah. Anyway a company called edraw make a bunch of pay for software but they also have a free mind mapping one which is really easy to use and colourful! Here is the link

Supposedly you can export the data into word as text as well but I havent tested that yet. Anyway hope someone finds it useful!


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Bruce Graham

Here's an older thread about MindMapping.

Having had the importance of it drummed into me by one Tony Buzan years ago, (he invented them...), I just feel it's appropriate to state the case for "MindMapping" being done correctly.

It's not just a case of "sticking things down in pictures". If you are going to seriously consider representing non-linear thought this way, may I suggest you pick up one of his books and understand the theory behind MindMaps so that you can execute in the most effective manner, ("The MindMap Book" being the best).

OK - it does have a bit of self-publicity in there and is occasionally a bit too wordy, but you do not get to where he has by being a wallflower! 

Good luck.


Steve Flowers

Freemind is a great alternative to the products on the pay-to-use market. I also like CMAP for some uses. Also free, but really tuned around a "then - then - that" model of diagramming. This works pretty well for building out a visual model for step-actions and task > step > operant level break-downs:

Anna Sabramowicz

I really enjoy

I thought initially that it was too simple, but it becomes so handy when you have to work on the mindmap with people who don't usually build/use web based apps - or mind maps for that matter.

I have used this to build out scenarios in branching simulations.

Sharing worksheets is great and export is good - Free is a must!

Take care,


Kat Fardian

@Tomasz - I had missed that one some how. Looks good though

@Steve - I had seen that but it wasn't "pretty"  but now that I look at it again it appears it can do some stuff that edraw might not be able to i.e. words between objects... interesting....

@Anna - I really like that site too except I wanted something that was not online. I have thought about embedding that in one of my courses as a brainstorming activity. Haven't quite decided how it would work but thought it would be fun and interactive!

Anna Sabramowicz


I used this in a Development Class that was run in Moodle.

What I did to make it easier for people to coordinate themselves, was to invite them all to participate from inside the platform and also posted links to the help in AND posted several examples of what a finished piece could look like - although what was returned was way way cooler than the stuff I thought of.

Might not be the application you are looking for, but if you are looking for ideas on how to integrate this into a learning session (even just using stickies!)... let me know I have a couple of resources on the topic.


Jeanette Cefre

I've tried several such as mindjet and mindmeister, but I always go back to

What do I like about it? It has a collaboration element to it...where several people can update it at the same time and is immediately available. 

You can embed it in a website or even as a web object in Articulate (since it is a static URL) . If you want to hear how I used it, click here.  Sorry in advance for the rambling

Publish it as a document...not so pretty, but all the information is there.

Let me know how you like it or not :-)

Thomas Bayes

I've been using different ones along these year: mindmanager, xmind, freemind, they all have their pros and cons, but particularly I don't like they don't provide any means to search globally in all the mindmap at the same time, and once you create several tens of mindmaps it's very difficult to find that one you wrote some time ago..

Lately I've started to use wezinc ( and I'm really happy, it gives me the ability to integrate any object into the mindmap, files, passwords, other mindmaps, images, and of course search in all the mindmaps at the same time. It's a cross between mindmanager and evernote... and I like that.