Background Music Volume Not Adjusting

Hey everyone! I inserted some background music (MP3) into my course, and the volume was super high. So I used the Audio Editor in Storyline 2 to reduce the volume by about 80%. Inside the volume editor, the audio is significantly reduced and the waveform reflects it. It also reflects lower volume on the timeline. But when I preview the course using the Preview function in SL2 AND when I use Tempshare, the volume of the music isn't reduced at all.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James, 

Are you inserting background music on a slide by slide basis - as Storyline doesn't have a background music/playlist feature?  I think it would be something that we'd need to see the original MP3 file within Storyline and how it's behaving when just trying to adjust the volume on an individual slide. You can upload a copy of the .story file here to share it with us.