Base layer won't dim in published version

Jul 18, 2020

Hi there ... I've built a slide with a number of layers and I've ticked the box in the Slide Layers section to dim the background on the base layer, which it does nicely in build mode. But when I publish it, the base layer is not dimmed. My design relies on the base layer being dim. Any suggestions?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ellen,

The Dim checkbox in the bottom right is purely an editing function. The link below will take you to an answer I gave a short while ago on the same topic.

Any further queries, just get back to me here.

Dave Cox

Hi Ellen,

As Ned pointed out, the Dim check box is a design time function only, designed to help you see what is on a layer during development.

What you want to do is easily accomplished with a shape though. All you need to do is add a shape as the first layer, set your color and opacity as desired, and now you have the same effect, only now you can adjust it as much as you desire. See my attached example.


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