Baseball card game


I'd like to create a card game that's focused on baseball trivia.  I'm thinking the following:

1. Home plate is a baseball question 

2. 2nd, 3rd and 4th base are answers

3. Learner drags the home plate (the question) and drops it onto the base (2nd, 3rd, 4th)  they believe is the correct answer. (360 drag and drop?) 

4. Points are associated with correct answers. So the learner earns points for every question they answer correctly.

  • How could this game be created in 360?  
  • I'm appreciative of all ideas and suggestions!

Thank you!


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Kevin Thorn

Hi Holly,

Sounds like a fun quiz!

Help me understand a bit more as I'm not seeing a card game in your explanation, rather a drag and drop quiz.

If  you're a subscriber to Storyline 360 you could use the random number generator and make your questions in the from of cards that randomly appear. Then, user drags their "player" to either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even home run - that gives you and even 4 choices to answer. 

This design is referred to as a One-to-Many - one drag item to multiple drop targets. While Storyline supports this as a convert to freeform option, the default One-to-Many would mean all drop targets would equal a correct answer whereas you want (I think) a One-to-Many with independent answers.

The next question is if all the choices are correct but each with their own respective scores? Example: 1st base = 1 point, 2nd base = 3 points, 3rd base = 5 points, and a home run = 10 points.

Instead of starting in Storyline, I'd recommend tinkering with the above by sketching it out and thinking through all the possible variables and interaction experience. 

Then, build a simple prototype to test the interaction and game play. Once you get everything working like you want and it scores correctly, you can skin it with baseball themed graphics. 

Hope this helps!