Baseboards and Floors in PowerPoint/Storyline

I've been inserting walls, floors and baseboards into Storyline after creating them in PowerPoint. Or, combining PowerPoint shapes with clips I've downloaded.

I've seen some good Screenrs on how to do this. Since I'm not a graphic designer, I'd like to ask advice from those who are...or in any case who know more about this than I.

What's the best way to create a nice looking baseboard? David Anderson did a Screenr a while back discussing Floor Wall Baseboard techniques. In it, he mentions Beveling. So, I took a peek at the Bevel tool in Powerpoint and used it on, for example, thick brown line shapes or wood clip art. Pretty cool, but what might be the best Bevel effect or effects?

For floors, is it OK to just bring the floor in "as is" (that is, flat), or is it important to change the perspective somehow? I've played around with various 3D effects, but by the time I widen them enough to be outside the width of the "wall", I don't really see any difference.

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