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dave faldasz

Hi Carolyn!


not so much... I was looking for something similar. I saw some postings in here that explain how to set up and use Google Analytics (JavaScript time) to do it. My thoughts are that I could simply have them "log in" by entering their name into a variable, and then I could set flags whenever they accomplished sections, sending it off to Google Analytics as it happens. Encode their name ("User1") so I am not publishing their name on the web. I have not tried it yet, but it is my choice-of-the-day.

Another option was to use half dozen lines of JavaScript code (seen in here) to open an auto-addressed, and populated Outlook email. Require the user to click on send.

Another posting I saw in here mentioned Cluelabs:


Nicole Legault

Hi Carolyn!

Thanks so much for coming to the community with your question.  This is one that we hear time and time again, and unfortunately, there isn't a really simple way. This is why Learning Management Systems (LMSs) exist, to track this type of data. Understandable you may not want to go the full on LMS route but if you don't you'll probably have to at least find a resource / hire a contractor who understands coding, javascript, whatever the case may be for the solution you need specifically, to help you implement  and get something up and running for you.