Becoming an Expert in Articulate

Hi! I am just learning how to use Articulate from scratch but by building PowerPoints first since that is the tool I am comfortable with. Is it possible to be an expert in Articulate as I get better and confident in my skills? I feel like there are so many elements to Articulate. Are there important elements I should know how to use/build in Articulate to make me marketable? 


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Anthony Goss

I would encourage you to become active in the community and also check out all of the training resources (webinars and tutorials) at  There are also tons of YouTube videos you can watch.  I have found that the more you use the tool, the better you will become at using it.  

Sarah Hodge

Hi Shakis! Absolutely! Anthony gave some great advice. I too have found the more you practice the more confident you'll feel. This Getting Started with Articulate 360 series has a lot of helpful information, including articles and video tutorials. 

I also created this Getting Started with E-Learning course to help people who are starting out if you want to take a look. I hope that helps! We're here if you have any other questions. 🙂

Phil Mayor

I would focus on ensuring everything you do, you do well It is easy to get caught up in the features of the authoring tool and not focus on building great courses. Do not worry, your ability will increase with every course you build. I would stop building in PPT and use Storyline more, although it looks like PPT it is not and some of the idiosyncrasies will start to frustrate you.

Steve Hazelton

I agree with Phil - start building in Storyline and pretty soon PPT will be collecting dust. While there are a few things that PPT actually does better, the flexibility in Storyline outweighs them most of the time. A few key things to realize:

- There are often many ways to accomplish something, and usually none are really right or wrong so don't try to find the one "right" way. I can create a course with a lot of slides, or the same course with a few slides that have layers, or even use states ("You want a course with a lot of detailed content but don't want a lot of slides? I can build that course with one slide!"). Do what works for you at first but don't be afraid to try something different later. 

- As soon as you are getting comfortable with building basic courses, start learning about variables. They are one of the keys to the universe beyond PPT. I use True/False variables all the time to give people choices ("Click on any one of the topics to continue").

- Don't be afraid to create branching courses. I love to embed a quiz question right after some content with an "incorrect" branch out to a slide or two that reviews the content and then brings them back to the question.I don't tell them the answer, I let them get it out of the content and answer the question correctly to continue.

My motto, which fits Storyline perfectly: Semper Gumby!