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Jeff Kortenbosch

How about some methodology? I've been diving into the 5 moments of need needs analysis. It's really a great way to learn about how to do a needs assessment that will point out what you'll need to create in formal training and informal training. Check out www.xprtise.com


Destery Hildenbrand

Lots of great options available here. A little different direction but what about some templates or tools that you could purchase that would enhance your workflow and encourage some self-paced exploration of making them work.

Character packs, program add-ons, audio/video upgrades, I'm sure everyone has seen something new that they have at least thought "I'd like to get one of those" or "that looks like it would help with this...". I find that getting training is helpful but sometimes when I purchase something new and commit to figuring things out on my own I can directly apply it in more ways. Sense of accomplishment is a little higher as well.

Good luck!  

Brett Rockwood

Get yourself to one of Articulate's Road Shows. They have something for all levels of experience. Others would Lynda.com as others have said. I always advise people to learn more about graphic and type design. These can really up your game when applied to your elearning designs. And finally, depending on how much cash you have, I'd look at getting Adobe Creative Cloud and learning how to use Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop. These are key to my design work.