Benefits of centralizing elearning development - your experience?

Sep 06, 2019

Hello everyone,

I work in a small/medium sized manufacturing company (~180 people), and the elearning "department" (me and one person that I'm mentoring) creates all the elearning that our clients must take to become certified in using our devices.

In the past, the HR department created elearning for internal use such as on-boarding and policies, etc. The HR department uses Storyline, but they are not experts in it, so I have given support when needed. The problem is that they don't use the program often, so when they go to use it once or twice a year, they have forgotten anything I might have taught them, and they either ask me for support, or they struggle through using the forum, or whatever.

In my mind, it makes more sense to centralize elearning development and let our small team do it all, but I'm not sure how to convince the bosses of this, since HR is a different department.

Have you had an experience where you worked in both situations (centralized/decentralized), or in a situation where you transitioned from one to the other? Can you give any insight on this?

Many thanks!


Note: this has been asked before, but with only one response.

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Michelle Walker

Hi, Terry! I went from a company w/ highly centralized L&D functions, to one w/ highly decentralized L&D functions.

In my opinion, here are some pros/cons of centralizing. Pros: design control, consistent look/feel, time savings (if HR SMEs are readily available to you), broad range of projects. Cons: inconsistent workload demands, decreased autonomy.

Do you have buy-in from the head of HR? If yes, and you have the bandwidth to handle the influx of work, centralizing might make sense. Propose working with HR to create a business case. Show how proposed changes align to the company's business strategy/needs/objectives, so senior leaders don't have to guess.

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