Best (and cheapest) way for SMEs to Motion Capture

Mar 26, 2021


I am an ID for a corporation that is getting more demand for instructional videos that record procedures for learners to view (not interact). I recently got handed one that was MASSIVE - over 160 click functions for a single video, not including fx. Bottom line, it took far longer to train me on their system to record the procedure than it would have for me to train them on how to record!

So here's my question!

Short of having my SMEs buy a copy of something like Camtasia or get a 360 subscription (ain't gonna happen), is there a good program to record HQ video that SMEs could use and then send to me for editing?

I appreciate any and all suggestions!  THANK YOU!!

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Brian Cook

Thanks Dwayne. I did do some recording from RingCentral. Wasn't great, but what I would REALLY like is either Snaggit to be able to render a .trec file, for use on Camtasia or a Camtasia "lite."

But also, I have been able to use SL's record feature to convert to video. As long as your file isn't too massive, it works ok.