Best Approach to Teaching Pictograms

Hi All,

I am working on a learning module on OSHA/Hazmat compliance. Right now, I am faced with the best approach to develop an engaging section on "pictograms" (example below) and their meanings.

Has anyone approached this rather mundane subject in a clever way? If so, which product/s did you use? What sort of animation did you implement? I have Studio '09.

Any suggestions on spicing this subject up would be greatly appreciated!



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Cristina Devrin

How about starting with some sort of "click and reveal" where you show the pictogram and then users click on it to reveal the associated meaning? And then to put it into practice, you could include some sort of drag and drop activity where the user has to drag the appropriate label to the correct pictogram. Or something like that? Just the first few ideas that come to mind.......