Best building option for this scenario?

Hi community,

I built a course using Rise 360 that is comprised of flashcards to support learning/memorization for a student program that requires students to know the names and faces of all 338 Canadian Members of Parliament as well as their political parties. I started with a chapter dedicated to each party and the faces and names in alphabetical order. The challenge is increased after a few weeks by  switching the order of names/faces so it is no longer alphabetical, then upped again by mixing all the cards up between political parties. I'm now ready to start building the last piece - a drill style quiz on all the faces, names and parties. It is expected that all learners will need to go through multiple times. I am wondering if there is a way in Rise or Storyline to build in conditions so that questions a learner has answered correctly on two occasions are automatically eliminated from their question deck. Does anyone have any suggestions on whether there is a building solution for a scenario like this?

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Sarah Bezanson

Also adding a tip (and possibly feature request?) around large flashcard decks in Rise. After 50 cards, it gets very difficult as the page freezes often and becomes unresponsive. While there doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of cards you can add, there is significant reduction in responsiveness the more you build into a deck.