Best Interactions for Tablets

Our team creates training for users that use desktop, laptop, point of sale computers, and tablets. We are finding that the tablets require a bit more testing and planning for than the other interfaces. For instance, drag and drop interactions may or may not work depending on if you are dragging from side to side or top to bottom. So does anyone have any advice or experience they could share about interactions to avoid when designing for tablets, or others that work extremely well? I'd like to cut down on some of the trial and error if possible, so thank you in advance! 

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Malarie Zeeks

Hi there, Deanna!

       Instead of Drag and Drop, what about a Click and Place? The item would reveal or "drop" at the hotspot location, so there would be a click - hide - show on place when they click the area it is to go. Instead of hiding it you can even just make it turn to a button/clickable action look via graphic editing and then when it's placed it goes back to the original look.

Just a thought!

- M