Best internal e-learning hosting


We've developed a course and have a decent LMS.  Our organization has an internal portal site that we've been using to host our content.  Recently, though, we've had tons of access issues and issues with our server.  I'd love some suggestions on how to best host our content.

We're interested in keeping our content internal and options that don't have restrictions the amount of people who can access the content at a time.



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Natalia Mueller

Hi Dow,

If your LMS is decent but you also have an internal portal you've been using to host content... I'm a little confused. Is that one in the same or 2 different places you have to host content? Which one is causing you the problem? Are you potentially looking for a new LMS, or a short-term solution until your server issues are resolved? If you can clarify a bit we'll try to make some suggestions for you.

Dow  Maneerattana

Hi Natalia,

We're hosting in two different locations--LMS and internal portal hosted by a server.  Our server is having issues so we need a long term solution.  I read a few responses and was thinking of trying google drive to host it.

Alternatively, do you have suggestions for a new LMS that hosts and we can link to our internal portal?  That would be ideal.  We don't want to host in two different places.