Best label for narrators

I am in the process of developing a couple of StoryLine nursing courses. In both we plan to have a male and female narrator. I am at a loss as to the best term to refer to these narrators, i.e.

"Hi, I am Jill and with me is Mark. We will be your ___________ for this online course."

Possible choices include: instructors, teachers, trainers, mentors, tutors, guides, facilitators, etc.

Which "label" do you use in your online narrated courses?



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Bruce Graham

Hi Russ,

In the same way as forcing people to go through Navigation slides on eLearning, I would not bother ascribing a label.

Your learners will figure out what they are for themselves, it is just bloating the course to add something that it obvious.

Just get them to say what they will be DOING, not what they ARE.

"We're going to explain how to triple your pay in 3 years..." (or whatever). Get them to add a motivating hook, not a piece of trivia.

Bruce Graham

Ari Avivi said:


Interesting that you don't have any "how to navigate the featuers of this module"   It is a requirement for all of our modules to have that as well as a 'this module will take approximately.... to complete"

I'm kind of envious.

I do.

All I say is "Hello and welcome blah blah blah, and if you need any help with Navigation - click here" (big arrow to a Navigation Tab that fires off a Lightbox if they really need it).

I always figure these are people who will pause the course to work a coffee-machine, do their email or use an iPad and as such can probably work out the 4 controls we tend to use... 

I do think we need to explain to the rule-setting powers the realities of our learners intellect sometimes - they tend to be able to figure these things out.

I have been working with a supplier where the first seven minutes of their previous course was Navigation. I figured my standard 2.5 seconds was enough and they seem to like it. Goes live next week, so we will see the Pilot Feedback.