best practice for interview

Jan 26, 2023

so i have a interview on 1 feb and i am really nervous also its my first interview so any tip? specially i fumble and stunned during the time when i like explain something and it is a programming related interview so yeah gonna be hard for me 

so any tip or guidance anyone give me would be beneficial for me 


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Cody Wanberg

Hey Charles! First off, you got this.

My big tip is to think of specific examples for the key items mentioned in the job description. For example, if the job description says the ideal candidate should have experience using Articulate Storyline, be prepared to describe a project you made in Storyline. 

Work through each bullet item in the job description and think of at least one example for each. If you can't think of an example, that is okay. If they ask about it, let them know that it is something you can learn about or get trained on, then share an example that is closely connected to how it has been done. For example, they might ask you to use Camtasia but you have not used that tool. You could share about how Camtasia is something you could get trained on and have video experience with other tools like Replay. 

Also, be sure to be thorough in your answers. examples and details are key to the interviewer recognizing that you have what they want. One way to be detailed is to use the STAR method. There are many resources about this online but here is the gist of it:

  1. Situation: Set the scene by briefly describing the situation, challenge, or event you faced.
  2. Task: Explain what your responsibilities were in that situation. What role did you play?
  3. Action: Describe what steps you took to overcome the challenge or address the situation 
  4. Result: Share what you achieved through your actions.

Hope this helps!

Sarah Hodge

Hi Charles! Congrats on getting the interview! 🎉 Cody shared some super helpful tips and advice.

I just want to chime in and share a few other things as well in case it helps. I tend to speak way too fast when I get nervous, so I learned to do some prep work before interviews to help myself feel more relaxed. I actually wrote an article about some interview tips here. I know it says for an e-learning job in the title, but the tips are also relevant to other jobs, since you mentioned your interview is for a programming related job. Going through those steps really helped me feel prepared and less anxious, so I hope you find something in here that helps. Best of everything with your interview, Charles!