Best practice to replace a SCORM package that is already in use in the LMS

Hello everyone, thank you in advance.

I have a question about what is the best practice to replace a SCORM package that is already in use in the LMS.

Rise or Storyline on each export randomly encode the files. I have found it relatively easy to change images or videos by renaming the file names.

But how do you make minor text corrections to a SCORM that already has user records? Simply releasing a new package doesn't seem to work as it encodes all the files on each export.

Can you tell me how you usually solve this little problem?¿

Sorry for my english,


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Karl Muller


As a best practice, whenever you make changes to a Rise or Storyboard course, you need to re-export/re-publish it, then replace the old SCORM in the LMS with the new one. Straight-forward so far.

The question is what happens to students that have already started the course and have an "in-progress" status.

There is no standard answer to this question as it depends on the specific LMS.

Even if you just made a few small changes, a LMS may always treat a new SCORM as a brand new version of the course, requiring students to retake the course from the beginning. 

A few LMS's will give you the choice when uploading a new SCORM, to either update the existing course or to create a new course.

If you are adding or deleting Lessons and making major content changes, it's best to treat these as new courses.

Karl Muller

Hi Angela,

Do you you only have a SCORM ZIP file? 

To make edits to both Rise and Storyline courses, you need the original course / .story file.

If all you have is a SCORM ZIP fil, these files are not easy to edit.

I work mostly in Rise, and you can open the ZIP file and replace media files if you the same names.

I'm not aware of a way to edit the course text in a ZIP file.

At some point you will need to recreate the course to have a fully editable version.