Best Practices for Assuring End Users See Current Slides?

Nov 19, 2013

I will be publishing a Christmas Countdown calendar soon for our congregation and am concerned about the caching issue (i.e. updated slides not being seen by end users). My intention is that each day in December leading up to Christmas, the user can click on a calendar graphic (i.e. the home slide) to reveal a new slide with that day's content on it (in essence an online advent calendar). While I intend to have all the content available by Dec. 1, I was going to re-publish each night with a updated home slide with a new hotspot/trigger to the next day's slide.

Now I am concerned that, because of the cache, the users will not get the updated content. There is no way I can expect them to clear their cache each day. I saw a post on caching in which Phil M. had suggested renaming the directory or the project so the server will believe it is new content. However, wouldn't that mean everyone would need a new link to the story.html file each day? That doesn't seem like a workable solution for us.

Any ideas on how I can re-publish new content each day and have the users see the most current version? Thanks in advance.

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