Best practices for designing a iPad application simulation

Jun 16, 2014

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to find some information on this topic in the various forums, but have not had any luck.  I have been tasked to develop a simulation on an iPad based CRM.  I understand that I would have to use a mirroring software to record screen shots; however, I can't find any information on good design guidelines for developing the simulation.  For example, should the simulation be built for iPad deployment only or can I get away with building it for a desktop ( which seems to be our direction right now).  If I do create it for a desktop, how can I incorporate iPad specific movements (swyping, etc) on a desktop?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sharon Blanchard

Hi Mark,

We ended up using a vendor to create the simulation.  It was designed primarily for iPad usage, but could also be completed on a desktop.  Since there are no true "swype" interactions in Storyline, some magic was done behind the scenes to simulate a "swype" interaction.  (I don't remember exactly what they did.)  


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