Best Practices for Keeping Audio Script Documents Up-to-Date

Do you keep your narrator scripts/audio scripts files up to date?

What are some of the best practices for keeping script documents clean and up to date specially when you are working on a big project with so many modules and topics and so many edits to the audio scripts? 

Do you update the files every time after you receive edits on the audio script or do you wait until the end and then update?



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Daniel Brigham


Just so I better understand: are you receiving many edits from many people over a period of weeks, maybe months? If that's the case, perhaps you could have one copy of the various scripts posted to google docs or or a dropbox and have people make edits to that one copy. Otherwise, I imagine you are having version-creep big time. And that gets expensive, especially if a pro VO is involved.

Maneli Badakhshan

Thanks Daniel!

Yes, I do receive many revisions from different parties. Using one document seems to be a good idea. I'll have to investigate and see if everyone would be willing to work off of one document. 

I'd like to make sure the process is as smooth and easy for our clients while at the same time the development team can provide the latest version of the audio script to anyone who requests it at any point in time. 

Audrey Kumi

I agree with Daniel and I have actually done that with a word document. I worked with a vendor and about 8 SMEs on a new hire onboarding project and what I did was to send the script to the SMEs and have them track any changes they make to their section only. It was easier for me because I was able to merge all the changes done by all the SMEs that way to one document.