Best Practices for "Repurpose or Retire" Stage of Lifecycle

Jun 25, 2015

What are some proven strategies for the end stage of a course's lifecyle?

So you've developed and deployed your course, all the learners have taken it through an LMS, and some amount of time has passed. What are your next steps? What is your method of retirement? How often do you review content for repurposing or retiring? How do you involve the SMEs? Any tips or tricks? Lessons learned? 

In particular, I'm curious about the timing and implementation of this process - review every course that is still live after one year? Review some sooner and some later? How much time to give to SMEs to review? We're trying to create a post-launch process and am hoping to hear some proven strategies. 

Thanks in advance, folks!

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Alexander Salas

Sorry S. Yu, 

This actually generates more questions than answers.  What environment are you deploying your courses to i.e. academic vs. corporate?  What evaluation methodology are you using to measure the level of effectiveness or ROI? If you are using Kirkpatrick's model, how many levels are you getting into? Many companies stop at level 2 which does not validate knowledge transfer to job skills.

A simple answer would be a 30, 60, 90 evaluation with correlation to supervisor input and job checklists in a corporate setting.  However, everything you do must fulfill the organizational needs.  

S. Yu

A quick update for any who are interested: since my team manages a relatively small number of live elearning modules in the LMS for our arm of the organization (roughly 60), we decided to meet twice annually to review the active courses and decide what to do next. 

Does this touch every question I asked above? No, but we're learning as we move forward and making changes as needed. Everything's a process, right? :) 

Kai Lam

Everything's a process indeed...Recognize this is an old thread but imagine others are still facing this. I was hoping to find some pearls of wisdom for our own course lifecycle management efforts at a much larger organization 50,000+ FTES with lots of courses on disparate nodes of an LMS...considering a report that taps into a few data streams and can generate a dashboard or even an annual(semi-annual) reporting of the following: 

  • LMS--course accessed? time and dates 
  • Manual : Relevance: As an organization with 15 + satellite sites we're moving to a more centralized model, while some of the site specificity will need to be retained, much of what we cover in our courses is or could be generalized and applied to the system
  • Course Request Sheet - SMEs declaration of content expiration (6 mos, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, other)




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