Best Practices in Testing E-Learning

Aug 09, 2018

Hi everybody. A bit ago, I found a nice thread here on best practices when testing e-learning. I found a cool checklist that someone wrote here, as well as this neat link here. But I'd like to do a little more here for my situation. Some of our e-learning that we've developed are on an LMS, and some are not. I'd like to hear some best practices from you all on testing e-learning when you do have an LMS and when you do not. Is it really just a matter of whether or not everything functions--links, embeds, navigation, quizzing/reporting, etc? Or is there something more? Thanks!

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Andrew Ratner

Well, let's say it's a simple Rise Course, fairly short, and isn't part of an LMS (HTML only). Are there particular questions you recommend I take to do the testing?

I guess, for someone who's a newbie to testing, and as someone who will most likely be training others on how to test, what advice would you give on how to go about this checklist? Just figure out which questions most apply? Keep a spreadsheet with all of the questions and record the testing pass/fail rates? Just would like to know how you would go about it.

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