Best Practise to develop SCORM Package

I am very new to Articulate and SCORM package creation. 

What is the best practice to develop and deploy the SCORM package which includes Quiz and Score is reported in MOODLE? 

My Basic Requirement is
1) Develop Study topics.
2) Develop Quiz Questions that are unlocked with every previous question.
3) User Should be able to Exit in the Middle with Appropriate Exit Button with Option (Report Score and Exit or Exit without Reporting Score) 
4)  User Should be able to reattempt Quiz until s/he obtains 100% Score. 
5) All his attempts should be recorded in Moodle. 

Please Help me Through this. 

Thanks in Advance. 



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Binod,

Good news: Articulate apps make this whole process super easy.

If you're using Rise 360, follow these steps:

  1. Create lessons and a quiz
  2. Adjust quiz settings
  3. Add an exit button
  4. Export for LMS

If you're using Storyline 360, follow these steps:

  1. Create content slides and question slides
  2. Add a result slide with a retry button
  3. Add an exit button (insert a button and add an Exit course trigger)
  4. Publish for LMS

I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Binod Ranabhat

Thank's Allison, 

I will definitely go through the steps you had suggested to me. If I got some issues I will come back later in the same Post. 

BTW, is there any limitations in the size of Package or slides. I have a requirement to develop one package with almost 40-80 learning Slides followed by min 30 to max 90 Quiz questions. 

At the moment I am having issues to point my user to the exact same location where he left before by using the resume functionality.  ie Suppose I started quiz and left off at Q25 and then I Exit the Package. When I come back again and resume the package I will be landed at question 8 and I have to redo my other questions again. 

Thanks in advance


Richard Mulcahy

We also use Moodle and have courses with almost 200 slides (quizzes are intermixed within the content and we also break up content into sections). My recommendation is to try to keep the total number of slides around 150, as we have had issues where a course will hang for a few students. Because of this they must start over so can be frustrating when you have a very large course. No problems with resume where they left off.

We also break up a very large course into multiple units within Moodle. For example, one course may have 6 units on a course page with an average of 150 slides per unit.

Binod Ranabhat

Hi Richard and Nuno,

Thanks for the reply. Richard, I a using Moodle Version 3.8 and Scorm Exported in 1.2. I have tried Both Setting to Open in New window and Same Window but the issue is persistence.

Nuno, I came across that suspend_data_size in some community blogs as well. But is there any way out how to achieve things for Large package and many slides?

Is there any Particular Steps or Settings I am missing?