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Ellen Hayes

The Elearning Challenges are great way to push yourself and learn about different capabilities of Storyline. Even if you go through old challenges and do them for fun, it's a great way to learn by doing. Besides that, I find that jumping into a project (and having a more experienced team member you can come to when you get stuck) a lot more helpful than learning in a vacuum through Lynda, etc. 

For specific functionality needs, it can also be helpful to look through completed Storyline files to see if you can figure out the logic, etc. I would start by learning layers, triggers, then navigation (i.e. how the "Story View" maps out). Variables open up a whole world of possibility - start with the basic stuff and then build up to it. The forums here can be helpful for specific issues, and I've found the Reddit community to be very supportive on larger questions regarding the ID field!