Best site for hosting courses

Hello all

Can anyone give me some advice on what the best sites (cloud-based) preferably to host their examples of a course on.

For example on the weekly challenge links on E-learning heroes the weekly hero examples link to an amazonaws site? what is that?

Id like to build an online portfolio of courses see and I'm struggling to find the right hosting site and obviously don't want to pay a small fortune. 

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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Phill,

There are a few portfolio sites listed in this blog post that you might try out:

Otherwise, you can share your examples using Amazon S3 or self-host your own portfolio. I strongly prefer the last option since you control it 100%, but it does require an initial investment of time and money for the hosting service, themes, etc. I personally use Siteground for my hosting because they have amazing customer service. If you're interested, I put together a blog post of my four favorite WordPress plugins for eLearning Portfolios.