Best way to create mobile course that can be viewed offline but still be tracked on LMS

Hi, so I have a project with very specific requirements.  I'll be using Articulate 360 to develop courses that will primarily be viewed on mobile phones. Users of this course will need to be able to download the course from an LMS (this should be tracked), and then view the course offline. The only thing that the LMS needs to track is that they have downloaded the course.

First off, is this possible?

Secondly, would it be better to use Storyline 360 or Rise to create these courses? They don't have to be highly interactive, just provide quick information when they need it on the go, and often offline.

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Thanks, Tracie. They do need to be able to go through pages / a menu, and possibly also bookmark where they left off. The content is mostly going to be like checklists or steplists, dos and donts, processes to be followed, what they need to prepare for, talking points, etc. Somewhat like an on-the-go Train The Trainer reference guide.

Nicole Legault

Hi there A P,

Thanks for posting your question in the community. It's definitely all possible! And this sounds like a perfect project for Rise 360. Rise 360 is the go-to tool for creating things like quick reference docs, job-aids, processes, checklists, etc. Here's an article that you might find helpful: 7 Documents You Can Replace with Rise 360 Courses

You can find tutorials for working with Rise 360 here

Ulises Musseb

It is possible, as other mentioned. I just feel curious about why "the only thing that the LMS needs to track is that they have downloaded the course"? Many LMSs are capable of handling offline content. That's part of their functionality.

As for which authoring tool is best, in my experience I have to look into the content, the media in it, the level of interactivity and the level of responsiveness. SL provides best capabilities for some of those, and Rise provides better capabilities for others.