Best way to present case study exercise that requires a short answer

Hello all,

I have a case study exercise where learners will need to refer to an Engage Interaction for data to answer questions. Should I use ppt to describe the case study and embed the engage interaction into ppt? How will they answer the questions?

 I wanted to use quizmaker survey short answer but the case studies are too lengthy and the section where the learner writes in their answer is on the next page.  The learner needs to view the case study, go to the engage interaction for data, then come back to the case study to answer questions.

How can I accomplish this?

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Bob S


Sounds like you are using the Studio suite.  With those tools, Quizmaker is really your only option for capturing user input (such as short answer).   Fortunately, QM is actually pretty powerful for what it is and will allow you do some pretty interesting things...

  •  embed additional media/content into the QM questions (ie restate your case study),
  •   link several questions together (ie break up the response into shorter, specifically focused questions rather than large free form paragraphs)
  • mix question type and use responses to branch to additional questions (ie further break up your responses by using multi-choice for example, and opening up additional short answer questions

Of course if you want even more flexibility, that's what Storyline provides.

Hope this helps!

Deepak G

Hi Birdee,

One of the ways to do this is creating the case study in the form of a video.

So, the learner will go through a video and then he will answer questions.

So, you need to only create 2 slides.

The only issue here is that your file becomes heavy due to the video. Therefore, I would suggest use a tool which would stream your video from external sources like youtube or vimeo.

We have deployed compliance game in similar format using QuoDeck. We created the case study as a video using Powtoon and on the other side we used games like MCQ, Odd man out, Anagram, etc to assess the user. Since, QuoDeck allows you to stream the video from youtube, it was very light and could be access by the learners even on the go with limited data speeds.

Also, one of the things which I have realised from my experience is that people don't like to read much. So, if you put in too much text on one single slide, the learner would avoid reading.  So, it is okay if the learner has to read through multiple slides, but make sure the story is engaging. Use images to make the case study interesting.

Hope this helps!