Best Way to Project Manage eLearning Modules

Hi everyone!  I am struggling to find a good way estimate length of work.  For example...we are working on converting some presentations from powerpoint  into Articulate so that they are SCORM wrapped and we can include questions, get the data we need, etc. that you can't get with just uploading the video recording form.  I am trying to tell them that in a perfect world, if I had the PPT, audio recording of the presenter and questions that the conversion could very likely happen in 1 day (if the presentation is under 30 mins and I don't have any other emodules being designed). What tool can I use to outline these timelines for them?  Some of us use JIRA here where I work but not all the departments do...any other suggestions?

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Rio Sloan

No problem. You can also look at  ZipBoard;it's been posted here a couple of times. Haven't used it either (my department uses Trello boards), but I've played around with it. You can upload your module in there, and your team can review it and leave comments on each slide. I only got to try a free account, so it was just limited to one project.

Bhavya Aggarwal

@Rio Thank you for the mention and giving zipBoard a try. Saw your post a bit late, but certainly nice to see that you have found zipBoard to be useful. We have added a lot more features since the time you posted this, if you would like to give it a try. 

@Marissa, if you are still looking for a better way to manage stakeholder reviews and internal tasks, then you should definitely give zipBoard a try. Happy to answer any questions or set up a demo.