Best way to set up a company template in Rise?

Hi all,

Wondering what the best way is to set up a company template in Rise that allows multiple authors to access the appropriate fonts/colour palette/text size etc. After reading some other threads I realised the custom colours and fonts have to be selected each time and can't think of an efficient way around it. Any ideas?

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Karl Muller

Hi Cathy,

Using a course that has been formatted and styled according to company requirements, we created Block Templates for each block type that needs corporate formatting.

When creating these Block Templates, we choose to share them with our team.

Whenever we create a new bock in a course, we pull in the correct block from the Block Template Library. This ensures style compliance and consistency no matter who is creating the Rise course.

In our experience, Rise works well with multiple authors.

Cathy W

Thank you Karl, this sounds like it will work for us.

Do you experience any issue with the blocks automatically formatting to whatever the Course is set to? I read in another post that it's the Course that sets the format/theme etc, and blocks just take on the formatting of the Course they're placed within. Thanks

Karl Muller

Hi Cathy,

When you set up a new Rise course you can choose a custom Theme color.

That color is automatically used for some user interface items, such as progress bars, the lesson completion indicators (circles with check marks), etc.

The color will also be used for block items such as the bullets in numbered lists, etc. but that's about as far as course settings impact blocks.

When you create a new block, you can just stick with all the Rise style and formatting defaults if you wish.

However, if you want to make changes, you need to manually style and format the text size, color, padding, and block background color for each and every block.

That's where the Template Blocks are so useful. You do this once, save the Template and re-use it many times.