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Daniel Brigham

Hi, T: Good start on this. I disappointed in my knowledge of the order of OT books.

Two comments:

1. On your menu pages, you could use a better sense of visual hierarchy. Which is to say, make it clearer what the most important thing on the page is. You can do this by making other items smaller, or darker, or more distant from the most important thing. For example, on this screen, there's a lot there, and I had to hunt for the most important thing-- the play button.

2. That was A LOT of drag and drops. I'd suggest not having so many, and giving the learner a better sense of the order of all OT books, since that's what you're going for. 

Thanks for sharing this. Just a thought: if you need a help mechanism or avatar or guide, I'm thinking you should go with Holy Spirit. That would be so cool.