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I work for a bilingual company that requires that all of our training material be available in both languages.  The preference is that we have one course "123 Learn" that the employee could access and then once in the course select the language of their choice.

I am able to set this up so the content works correctly, but I am having difficulty with setting up a quiz that report correctly to the LMS.

How can I set things up so I have one quiz in English and another quiz in French, but that the user is only required to get a passing grade in EITHER quiz, not both.

I have though of using variables and setting up different layers in the quiz for English and French users, but his seems overly complicated with a low probability of success.

Am I over complicating things?   Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Jeff Bolan

I thought of that, but it seems like a lot of work for what will eventually be a 100+ courses.

Currently I have two branches (ENG) and (FR) each with their own test.  These report their own quiz result slide.   These two slides then report to a third slide.

When this third result slide reports to the LMS, their score is really 50% of their actual score, since they only took half the questions.

Is there a way to multiple your test score * 2 prior to reporting it to the final quiz result slide?


Wendy Farmer
Jeff Bolan

there a way to actually change the value of Results.ScorePercent

Unfortunately not Jeff - a much requested function to be able to access and manipulate the result.xx variables.  Add your voice in a feature request. 

You'll need to use JS to send your custom variable to the LMS.

Joseph Benton

I would not work with the percent variable. Your LMS is probably not going to use that value.

I can think of two ways to do this. Either create a new value called AdjustedScore and set it equal to the Results.ScorePoints X 2 on the slide before the results slide and then adjust the Results.ScorePoints to be equal to AdjustedScore at the beginning of the results slide... OR I would (preferably) change the Results.ScorePoints at the beginning of the results slide to equal Results.ScorePoints X 2.

Perhaps the most important thing here is to actually TEST this before using it live. And then make it live and test again just to be certain.

Jeff Bolan

Wow, thanks everyone for the great support.   I can see you have a great support community here and I hope to be able to contribute more as I get the hang of this.

I think my best (?) solution will be to use layers on the quiz pages.  It will take a bit more time to setup I think, but it will work.

In the meantime, I will add my voice to the feature request page!

Thanks again!