Bite Size learning

I am looking for a way to incorporate more 'bite size learning' beyond the microlearning we create (5-20 min modules) into our learning programs that are offered to staff, partners and customers. Any innovative ideas welcome. I struggled where to post this, we use Storyline and Rise internally with an LMS, but open to suggestions if I'm not leveraging some of the tools. Thank you

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Tom Kuhlmann

If you're using Articulate 360, I'd look at simple Engage interactions as stand alone modules. That's a good place to start. They're easy to build and work well.

A couple of previous webinars


This may have less to do with HOW you create the content or WHAT tool you use but be more about HOW you DELIVER the content to the end user. 

We are in the middle of annual compliance but still need to remind managers that revealing the identity of an employee testing positive for Covid-19 is a breach of that person's privacy. This resulted in a short 2 - 3 minute Rise course dealing with Employee Data Privacy. Published and posted in our LMS.

For our Dynamic Korean offerings, I'm working with the instructor to create a mobile app with <5 minute daily or weekly exercises. I'll still probably use Rise for these micro modules but push them by links in a google sheet through a Glide created mobile app to the learners.